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About Us Section

Resplendence Gaming Community was founded in January of 2017. Tired of losing touch with friends and wanting a supportive foundation, we set out to create Resplendence. We welcome all active, 18+ gamers who are looking to connect and game with a diverse group so that you won't ever have to start another game by yourself again. In Resplendence, you will belong and be apart of a community that values sportsmanship, teamwork, and engagement.

Stay Engaged

From the moment you join Resplendence you’re stepping into a community which values you and your playtime, regardless of how much or little that may be. All community members are encouraged, but not required, to join or create community guilds, attend community events, and participate in surveys & meetings- to ensure Resplendence grows in a direction YOU value.

Stay Connected

As we all know, life can get busy and pull us away from our normal gaming schedule. Resplendence manages a forum-themed discord with public gaming channels, a TeamSpeak3 server to accommodate all our members, and offers various forms of (optional) social media for all our members so that all can stay connected, regardless of what’s going on in real life.

Stay Happy

Happiness is usually achieved by spending your time doing what you enjoy: playing games, spending time with family, tweeting about your graphic novel collection… Whatever it is, it comes first. While we have occasional community events, we’ll never require you give up what you love. We also incorporate member feedback into the operation of Resplendence so it can always evolve to be a more encompassing and enjoyable community.


Games Section

Resplendence is proud to support a variety of different games, genres, and console platforms. There are no restrictions on our players with regards to their gaming preferences. Our most prominent presence is in MMORPGs, but our members often play various RTS, FPS, and MOBAs.

Black Desert Online
League of Legends
Star Wars The Old Republic
Ark: Survival Evolved
Albion Online
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
Ashes of Creation

PLAY as team, SUCCEED as a team

Guilds Section

Resplendence is represented in different games by our various guilds. Our guilds are operated separately from community leadership but maintain community values and ideals of sportsmanship, teamwork, and engagement. Although community members aren’t required to join under the banner of a guild, those searching for organized group play are encouraged to look into the requirements for the different guilds.


Apply Section
Application Link


The first step we need from you is to complete this community application - Don't worry, we don't ask for personal information. We'll be notified once the application is completed!

Discord Link


As you’ll read in the application, we require all members to join the discord server, which serves as our community’s forums and public gaming center - Make sure to join the Requesting Interview room so we known you're here.



The final step is to get you into our TeamSpeak3 server! We'll provide the server information through discord.